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Main Web Map Screenshot The Data Viewer is intended to provide access to the Department of Conservation's map data. The viewer is configurable, so some features mentioned here may not be enabled in all cases. A special case of this is WellFinder which enables many specialized features for viewing data provided by the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR). Items below with [WellFinder] are only available in WellFinder.

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Shortcut Keys

These are keyboard shortcut keys for quick navigation to functionalities and content within Well Finder application.
Side Panel key combinations
Search key combinations
Close Windows / Panel
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Tips and Tricks

Navigate the map to a location in California; be sure the map is at level 6 or higher on the Zoom Slider so wells can be visible.
When you see the well(s): Click on a well in the Map Area to look up information on the individual well. Click on the bookmark icon button to add the well to a list of bookmarks to access later. Note: The bookmark holds the map extent of the current view so make sure you bookmark the well in a position on the map you want.
See Detailed Information: Zoom Slider for information on the level and the scale it represents.

Map Navigation

Map navigation using mouse: Map navigation using keyboard:

Add A Layer

Well Finder currently only supports data layers hosted on ArcGIS servers. The following steps show how data layers can be added to Well Finder using the DOC's ArcGIS Services Directory.
  1. Open a web browser and go to an ArcGIS REST Services Directory.
    Screenshot of DOC's ArcGIS Services Directory
  2. Click a folder of interest and a layer you want to add to Well Finder. Example: Base > Base_Water
    Screenshot of clicking links from DOC's ArcGIS Services Directory
  3. Copy the URL in the address bar.
    Screenshot of copying the URL from DOC's ArcGIS Services Directory
  4. Switch to Well Finder in your web browser and click on Add A Layer buttom.
  5. Screenshot of Add A Layer popup window
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Detailed Information

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Additional Information

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Browser and Device Compatibility

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Additional glossary information can be found through the OSHA - Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Servicing eTool.

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