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Welcome to CalStim'D

Well stimulations disclosed between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 were submitted under an interim version of the regulation (CCR Title 14, Section 1788). Well stimulations disclosed after June 30, 2015, have been submitted under the final implementation of the regulations. Disclosure information is presented in a searchable format on the WST Disclosure Website. This mapping interface provides some of the same information in a graphical format.


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Tabs and Finds:

  • Main tab icon Main - Presents the map layers and the ability to search by a 1,500’ buffer surrounding the following Find options:
    • Find by address option icon Address
    • Find by API number option icon API Number
    • Find by Lat, Long option icon Latitude, Longitude
  • Legend and bookmarks tab icon Legend & Bookmarks - Click to view the various symbols for stimulated wells.
  • List tab icon Data Grid - Click to view the list of stimulated wells resulting from a search using the options from the main page.
  • Open/Close toggle button icon Open/Close Panel

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