Internet Explorer Compatibility Instructions

Note: These mapping websites perform better and are tested most heavily in the Chrome browser.

Summary Version

  • Add * as a trusted site in Settings > Internet Options > Trusted Sites.
  • Do not "Require server verification..." for trusted sites.
  • Turn off "Enable Protected Mode" for trusted sites.

Step-By-Step Instructions

If you run into issues with viewing these maps in Internet Explorer 11 (IE), take the following steps:
  1. Open the settings for Internet Explorer (the gear shaped icon at the upper right corner)
  2. Select “Internet Options”. (probably second item from the bottom of the drop down)
  3. Select the “Security” tab. (second tab from the left)
  4. Select “Trusted Sites” (look for the big green check mark)
  5. Click on the “Sites” button.
  6. Look through the list of websites, and check whether “*” is included. If it isn’t put in “*” (omit the quotes) in the box for adding a website to the zone and click “Add”.
  7. Make sure that the checkbox by “Require server verification…” is NOT checked.
  8. Click “Close”
  9. While still looking at the “Trusted Sites” make sure that “Enable Protected Mode” is not checked. If you have to uncheck it, you’ll also need to restart your IE before the change will take effect.
  10. Click “OK” and restart Internet Explorer if you had to uncheck the “Enable Protected Mode”
Older versions of IE 8+ may work, but performance may be poor.