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Geospatial Data and Web Maps from the California Department of Conservation.

The Department of Conservation provides services and information that promote environmental health, economic vitality, informed land-use decisions, and sound management of our state’s natural resources. As home to the California Geological Survey, the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources, Division of Land Resource Protection, and Division of Mine Reclamation, spatial data informs virtually every aspect of the Department’s activities.

The California Department of Conservation (DOC) is a prolific producer of spatial data and manages much of the data using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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Date News Item
April 17, 2017 Several new or updated items for this month:
  • CGS released updated, cleaned, and reorganized maps, GIS data, and reports for the Alquist-Priolo and Seismich Hazard Mapping projects. There are no changes to zone boundaries. See the CGS Information Warehouse Regulatory Maps section for access. Statewide map services will follow shortly.
  • Added services for the Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources TR26: [Naturally Occuring] Onshore Oil and Gas Seeps in California. Service Endpoint, Metadata
  • Added a web map for CGS's Special Report 230: Geologic Gems of the California State Parks. Check it out, there are lots of interesting notes about cool geologic features in the California State Park System. These quick reads are written with the general public in mind.
    Geologic Gems of the California State Parks
  • Replaced most data viewers with a more userfriendly viewer. Data viewers focused on DOGGR data are unchanged.
  • We've added multiple links to the data lists for new or updated datasets.
  • Let us know what you think of our new logo up in the right hand corner. All comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome at:
News archive
Name Description Link
Important Farmland (aka FMMP) See how California's agricultural landscape has changed over time in the Important Farmland dataset. Interactive Map
Map Services
DOGGR Well Finder Look up oil & gas well status and related data in an easy to use web map. Well Finder (Interactive Map)
CGS Regulatory Maps Find seismic and surface fault rupture hazard zoning maps for California Regulatory Maps (Interactive Map)

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  • [AGOL] indicates that the Department of Conservation's official ArcGIS Online account hosts the data using cloud-based services.

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